President Trump’s “empathy card”

When President Donald Trump met with students, teachers, and parents from Parkland, Florida, after the 2018 school shooting, a camera caught a list of the President’s talking points. The last point was “I hear you.”

Some pundits made fun of this item on the President’s list. I’m not sure what they were thinking.

Many of us use notes to remind us of the points we want to cover, an agenda. I can see myself doing exactly as the President did.

Who are the members of the press? They don’t refer to notes? We have them on camera at press conferences. Gotcha!

A Mesquite Orchard

Have you ever seen an orchard of mesquite trees?

This scene was photographed at the Amerind Museum, Dragoon, Arizona, in February, during the winter. *

This scene was taken in February, during Arizona’s winter. *

You actually never saw such an orchard of mesquite tree. Instead, mesquite trees on their own create an order that looks like an orchard. Each tree secretes a substance that is poisonous to its own seeds. Seeds that land under or around the tree are poisoned and do not germinate. This condition is called allelopathy.

In addition, each tree spreads roots out under the entire canopy, and these roots suck up the water in the soil. An adjacent tree, needing its own supply of water, grows at a distance from all other trees. As a result, the layout of the trees looks like it was planted in rows by human hands.


* Photos by Nesanel Segal, 2018

President Trump wants to dole out welfare to corporations

U.S. President Donald Trump wants Congress

See this plan in full >>

The subject of tax reform and tariffs warrants a blog entry. In the meantime —

There will be winners and losers. Upper income people know that they are winners. Skilled workers don’t realize that they are losers. They are at a remove from the causes of their upcoming distress.

“Scottsdale reveals flag design finalists; public can weigh in”

“Several months after an open call for design ideas, 10 finalists are in the running to be the city’s official flag.” *

Really? Would you like to be a city’s official flag?

* The lead sentence in the Scottsdale Republic. Friday, Feb. 9, 2018. Section Z8, page 15.

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