Emptying pockets for airport security

I’ve found it hard to travel lightly. I carry change (in a change purse) for donating tsedaka before prayer,* a thumb drive memory stick backup of the essentials for my laptop, a cell phone, a card wallet (what’s in my card wallet?), my regular wallet, a pen, and tissues (perennial allergies).

My house key is in my carry-on backpack (knapsack, rucksack) if you’re wondering.

In another post, I may disclose what’s in my backpack.

My lap top computer doesn’t contain any data – that’s all on my flash memory drive. This drive is like the old briefcase.

Actually, I have two briefcases – my old clunky one with room in it for lunch and a slim, lightweight one with pockets and compartments. Sometimes, my backpack serves as a briefcase, such as in traveling.


* donating tsedaka before prayer – Prayer is more acceptable after setting aside some money for a poor person.


Author: teawithsugar31

Nesanel ben Yitzchok HaLevi

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