What’s in my wallet?


My wallet contains:

  • driver’s license,
  • auto insurance ID card,
  • a “Moshiach flag” pin – the flag of King Messiah,
  • cards for my internist and for my social worker, an older adult care manager,
  • student ID for the University of Missouri – Kansas City (UMKC),
  • a card for the pharmacy manager where I have prescriptions filled,
  • my Medicare ID Card (Lest you think that this is careless, I cut out my Social Security number.*),
  • a card for airport transportation and another for taxi service,
  • a partial list of kashruth symbols from the Chicago Rabbinical Council,
  • a supply of personal cards with my address, phone numbers, email address, and my web site address,
  • a spare key for a Club security device that I haven’t been using,
  • $46.

Note that there are no credit or debit cards in my wallet. I keep those separate from my address and telephone number to diminish the risk of identity theft.


* I cut out my Social Security number – Once I established a billing relationship with my internist, all referrals accept the oral recitation of my social security number.


Author: teawithsugar31

Nesanel ben Yitzchok HaLevi

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