Pres. Trump gets Ds in my book

U.S. President Donald Trump’s performance in office is a failure, unless you wanted a man who would disrupt the federal government (without replacing the shambles with a better structure). Trump is the Disruptor-in-Chief.

So why all Ds and not Fs?

Trump’s tenure has been characterized by a strategy of Ds –

  • Deny
  • Distract
  • deflect
  • Disrupt
  • Disregard
  • detract
  • Discredit
  • Demean.

These are the President’s reactions to criticism.

He doesn’t just deny accusations. He denies facts. When threatened or accused, he distracts with a kerfuffle of some sort. Sometimes, this kerfuffle disrupts the processes of government. He also disregards advice about how to handle the storm brought on by his outrages. President Trump regularly demeans and discredits his detractors. Ask yourself, can his opponents be all bad?

Mr. Trump targets his Ds to the mood of his electoral base, and he has a keen sense of what plays well with them.

Just watch the snippets of the President himself as broadcast by the cable news networks. Make up your own mind without paying attention to the pundits.

Follow his Twitter feed for a couple of weeks.

You don’t have time or inclination? Take it from me.

You don’t trust me? So be it.

But let’s sit back and enjoy a cup of hot tea with sugar.

Sirius in October

Friday, October 11, 2019 | Phoenix, Arizona

I spotted Sirius in the south this morning at 4:40 Mountain Standard Time – about 45 minutes before local sunrise.

Sirius appeared three or four hand-breadths above the horizon.

The constellation Orion appeared sharply in the clear Arizona sky.

This is the first time I saw Sirius since it reappeared in the sky in late August. I haven’t been out and about so early before sunrise until today.