Sabra hummus meets Walt Disney

Sabra markets spinach and artichoke hummus which I recently bought at my nearby grocery store. At home, I looked at the cash register receipt. Product descriptions are abbreviated into eighteen character fields. My eyes happened to catch “SPIN & ARTI HUMMUS.”

The first thing that came to mind was the Walt Disney serial called “Spin and Marty” that was featured on The Mickey Mouse Club daily TV program that aired during the 1950s.

I remember avidly watching the five-day-a-week Mouse Club that aired on ABC during the children’s programming block of 3 to 6 in the afternoon. Each episode of “Spin and Marty” was about a dozen minutes long, and probably only appeared on the show once or twice a week for each season.

Spin was the coolest kid at a ranch-style overnight summer camp. Effete Marty wasn’t in tune with the atmosphere, the activities, or the social style. At first, Spin bullies Marty, but somehow something changes. Spin take Marty under his wing and begins coaching him on how to fit in. I seem to remember how Spin shows Marty how to season a baseball mitt.

So is Sabra sponsoring a new spinoff (note the pun)? Should I look forward to a serial “Spin and Arti” on the Disney Channel?

Also see the Internet Movie Data Base for “Spin and Marty” and The Mickey Mouse Club.

Agaves and Yuccas in flower

Late May and early June in Phoenix, Arizona

This Agave was blooming in late May. Agaves are succulents and not cactuses:


This is a closeup of the buds and flowers. These are not showy flowers like some other Agaves. You can see some bees or flies that are attracted to the flowers:



I mistakenly though that these pictures below are Agaves. They are Soaptree Yuccas. I also need to reconsider whether the flower stalks are actually from this season.

In early June, the blooms on some of these Yuccas are spent (Yuccas in the background), while others are in bloom. Some of these Soaptree Yuccas were already flowering in late April. There is a staggered season:

Early June

This Soaptree Yucca is still in bloom on June 8th:


A closeup of the flowers:

These look like Soaptree Yuccas, and they were flowering on May 10th:

Trump holds aloft ‘wrong’ Bible

In a photo-op in front of a church in Washington, D.C. (Monday, June 1, 2020), U.S. President Donald Trump held aloft a Revised Standard Version of the Bible. He showed this clearly to journalists on the scene.

Trump’s ardent fundamentalist followers would have wanted him to display the King James translation of Scriptures. That’s their authoritative translation. The King James version is “their Bible.” All others are suspect in their minds.

(Based on an article in Mother Jones.)