Nature at my footsteps

August 2021| Surfside, Florida

When I visited my son in Miami during the summer of 2021, I visited my son’s barbecue restaurant in nearby Surfside.

Walking back to where my car was parked, I came across a good size lizard on the sidewalk. It didn’t seem scared of me at all. The lizards — much smaller — that we have near my Phoenix home are very skittish. As I approach them to take a picture, they’re gone. Some have appeared at my front doorstep. Again, “Nature at my doorstep.”

Incidentally, my son’s restaurant is not too far from the collapse of the Champlain Towers in June of 2021. My son gave out free sandwiches to first responders.

More on the Desert Senna

You’ll find details and about Desert Senna with photos from the Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalists.

Also from: Native Seeds/SEARCH where you can buy seeds.

My pictures are on the post Desert Senna.

While you’re at it, check out Wikipedia. Unfortunately, the top photo looks like Desert Milkweed.

Something to think about

“Even when strength fails, there is perseverance,” Gerson said in a sermon. “And even when perseverance fails, there is hope. And even when hope fails, there is love. And love never fails.”

The late Michael Gerson, opinion writer for the Washington Post

I disagree on the last idea. I’m not sure that I understand what Gerson meant by “love”. Nevertheless, “love” often fails.

Later in Gerson’s sermon he talks about transcendence. I would say that “transcendence never fails.”

I would also say that transcendence is the beginning point. If one has never gone beyond the material, there is no strength, perseverance, or hope.