Late winter flowering plants

In Phoenix, late winter on the calendar is more like early spring elsewhere. These pictures are from early February through mid-March.

The plants in the upper tier of the picture have minuscule flowers and short, delicate leaves. The plants in the foreground have larger leaves and flowers that are more visible. The silvery green leaves belong to Brittlebushes (see below).

White flowers are rare in Phoenix’s desert.

Lupines — blue is a rare color in Phoenix’s desert, also.

Looks like a Dandelion but it’s not

Green Feathery Senna

Close-up of Green Feathery Senna flowers

This Brittlebush is larger than ones in the wild because it’s being irrigated. It’s growing outside my apartment’s patio.

Close-up of a Brittlebush flower at Sabino Canyon. From Wikipedia.

Creosote bush

This Sweet Acacia tree needs to have the dead wood cut out and to be shaped.

Sweet Acacia flowers

Unless otherwise attributed, photos are mine from a Sony point-and-shoot camera.


Author: teawithsugar31

Nesanel ben Yitzchok HaLevi

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