Pres. Trump gets Ds in my book

U.S. President Donald Trump’s performance in office is a failure, unless you wanted a man who would disrupt the federal government (without replacing the shambles with a better structure). Trump is the Disruptor-in-Chief.

So why all Ds and not Fs?

Trump’s tenure has been characterized by a strategy of Ds –

  • Deny
  • Distract
  • deflect
  • Disrupt
  • Disregard
  • detract
  • Discredit
  • Demean.

These are the President’s reactions to criticism.

He doesn’t just deny accusations. He denies facts. When threatened or accused, he distracts with a kerfuffle of some sort. Sometimes, this kerfuffle disrupts the processes of government. He also disregards advice about how to handle the storm brought on by his outrages. President Trump regularly demeans and discredits his detractors. Ask yourself, can his opponents be all bad?

Mr. Trump targets his Ds to the mood of his electoral base, and he has a keen sense of what plays well with them.

Just watch the snippets of the President himself as broadcast by the cable news networks. Make up your own mind without paying attention to the pundits.

Follow his Twitter feed for a couple of weeks.

You don’t have time or inclination? Take it from me.

You don’t trust me? So be it.

But let’s sit back and enjoy a cup of hot tea with sugar.

I’ve postponed my bête noire appointments

This month was going to be dedicated to the Palestinian Authority — how they’ve done nothing helpful for their people.

U.S. President Donald Trump’s policies generally aggravate me (March into April).

On the other hand, pundit Bill Bennett (February) has cut back from being an apologist for President Trump. Listening to him has become less aggravating, sometimes not even aggravating at all.

Coverage by journalists tends to aggravate me. More of that in future months.

U.S. tax forms just aggravated me — the forms, not the tax levy.

So, let me step back to watch the star Sirius.

Let me catch up with Israel’s regional and city planning.

And let me sit back to drink a glass of hot tea with sugar.

Trump proposes to betray an ally

A U.S. withdrawal of its troops from Syria constitutes a betrayal of Israel. Israel’s security depends on a robust American force against the Assad regime. Otherwise, the regime is liable to create mayhem for Israel.

As usual, President Trump did not consult experts when he announced a U.S. withdrawal. Judging by a reported reaction from Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu, no one in Israel’s establishment was consulted either.

What is likely to happen? Mr.Trump has made his point. Making an anti-establishment point is all that the President’s supporters expect. Now, the Pentagon and Congress will continue pretty much as if President Trump had not made his unilateral declaration.

The immigrant First Family

U.S. President Donald Trump has had two foreign born wives. Both were born in the Slavic region of Central Europe. The present First Lady is from the Slovenian region of the former Czechoslovakia. Mr. Trump’s first wife was also born in Czechoslovakia – in the Czech region.

President Trump has proposed that future immigrants to the U.S. be restricted to the most skilled people. So, I ask the question that others ask: what superior skills have his wives brought to the United States? Does the U.S. have a shortage of willowy, bosomy women?

According to Mr. Trump’s proposed standards, would his wives have qualified for anything but three-month tourist visas with round-trip tickets?

On the other hand, these two of his three wives have demonstrated the unique skill set of being married to Donald Trump, the not-yet president.

The Palestinian Authority – my bête noire for April

If I examine what the Palestinian Authority doesn’t do for its constituents, I get aggravated. The PA is my bête noire for April.

U.S. President Donald Trump was my bête noire for March by default. Since a few aggravating issues have come up in the beginning of April, I’m granting him an extension for about another week.