Dominionism — not in my America

If you read or hear that America is a Christian country, then you’ve come up against Dominionism. White fundamentalists believe that their denominations and Jesus — their idea of him — rule supreme in the United States. The rest of us are to be tolerated, but we don’t count. The law of the land should be according to their version of the Bible.

‘Dominion’ is rooted in a mistranslation of a verse in Genesis. Adam is given dominion over creation, over all animals, birds, and fish and everything that creepeth on the land.

Here’s how the Bible reads in the Authorized Version of the Bible, the King James Version:

And G-d said: ‘Let us make man in our image, after our likeness; and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.’ (Genesis 1:26)


… and G-d said unto them: ‘Be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.’ (Genesis 1:28)

I emphasized the words ‘creepeth’ and ‘moveth’ because it’s the same verb in the original Hebrew. But, somehow the second ‘creepeth’ was rendered as ‘moveth’ in the Christian translation into English.

The difference is that according to the mistranslation, Adam was to have dominion over Eve — she moves after all — and over all his descendants.

Then Jesus lived years later — about 2,000 years ago — and he absolved his believers through his gruesome death. Jesus’s congregation — down to today — are the new Adam who is to have dominion over everything that “moveth.”

So according to dominionists, the United States is supposed to be ruled by white fundamentalist Christians — the true Adam — according to the laws of their version of the Bible. And this is all because the United States is a Christian country.

What happened to all the other Christians in America? Their Christianity is not genuine. It doesn’t accord the Bible — their version of the Bible — it’s due. These other Christians have modern translations. They take liberty with the authorized text, the text that English-speaking Christians have used for four hundred years. These other people, who you and I would call Christians and call themselves such, follow deviations from Biblical law as dominionists see it.

For liberal Christians, abortions on demand are sanctioned. They recognize gay marriage. They’re comfortable with feminism where women strive for equality. But according to fundamentalists, wives are supposed to obey their husbands — dominion. Liberal schools teach evolution of species not intelligent design.

Dominionists believe that there’s a war in America against Christianity. Legislators have made laws that don’t favor their brand of fundamentalist Christianity. The courts don’t rule in their favor. There’s even a war against Christmas, the dominionists say.

They subscribe to a new take on the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, what is commonly called “freedom of religion.” Dominionists take the amendment to mean freedom for their version of religion. According to their view, American law should not contradict Biblical law — their version of the Bible, of course.

Donald Trump has been a dream come true for dominionists. An evangelical advisory council that included dominionists had the ear of the ex-president. They were the only religionists who were welcome in the White House. Trump appointed three sympathetic justices to the Supreme Court. The Republican Senate remade the face of the federal judiciary by appointing sympathetic judges.

Key positions in Trump’s cabinet were filled with dominionists although they were Catholics. The attorney general and the secretary of state were known to be Catholic dominionists for instance.

As far as the Founders of the United States are concerned, dominionists have a different take on their lives than mainstream Americans do. It’s true that most of the founders were pious Christians — at least as far as their public lives were concerned. Nevertheless, they were determined that no denomination of Christianity was favored. There has never been a constitutionally accepted religious test for citizenship as there had been in Europe. At the same time, the federal government was not to interfere in religious practice or to mandate church attendance either.

American manifest destiny goes along with dominionism. Christians traveled to America, some think, to transform the continent into a Christian nation regardless of who was already living here. America’s destiny was to cut itself off from the English old order. The United States is a beacon of light for a new world order. A prominent and influential dominionist used the phrase “new world order” long before the establishment of the United Nations, long before the idea that there could be a European Union.

How to establish a Christian new world order? By burning down liberal democracy. By burning away American decadence — secular humanism — and raking away the ashes for rebirth of a Christian nation as it was supposed to be. From there, exporting Americanism around the world. This is the double meaning of “America First”: first of all in the United States, then everywhere else next.

I’ve studied Dominionism for awhile. I’m the closest you will find to an expert. I’m not against Christianity. I’m against political Christianity. Let them take their values and vote accordingly, which they did. But, they must realize that a majority of Americans disagree. After all, a majority of voters recently rejected the Republican Party, the home of dominionists.

By all means let dominionists take their values into the marketplace of ideas. Let them get used to the fact that there are few buyers. Let them get over it.

Pres. Trump gets Ds in my book

U.S. President Donald Trump’s performance in office is a failure, unless you wanted a man who would disrupt the federal government (without replacing the shambles with a better structure). Trump is the Disruptor-in-Chief.

So why all Ds and not Fs?

Trump’s tenure has been characterized by a strategy of Ds –

  • Deny
  • Distract
  • deflect
  • Disrupt
  • Disregard
  • detract
  • Discredit
  • Demean.

These are the President’s reactions to criticism.

He doesn’t just deny accusations. He denies facts. When threatened or accused, he distracts with a kerfuffle of some sort. Sometimes, this kerfuffle disrupts the processes of government. He also disregards advice about how to handle the storm brought on by his outrages. President Trump regularly demeans and discredits his detractors. Ask yourself, can his opponents be all bad?

Mr. Trump targets his Ds to the mood of his electoral base, and he has a keen sense of what plays well with them.

Just watch the snippets of the President himself as broadcast by the cable news networks. Make up your own mind without paying attention to the pundits.

Follow his Twitter feed for a couple of weeks.

You don’t have time or inclination? Take it from me.

You don’t trust me? So be it.

But let’s sit back and enjoy a cup of hot tea with sugar.

I’ve postponed my bête noire appointments

This month was going to be dedicated to the Palestinian Authority — how they’ve done nothing helpful for their people.

U.S. President Donald Trump’s policies generally aggravate me (March into April).

On the other hand, pundit Bill Bennett (February) has cut back from being an apologist for President Trump. Listening to him has become less aggravating, sometimes not even aggravating at all.

Coverage by journalists tends to aggravate me. More of that in future months.

U.S. tax forms just aggravated me — the forms, not the tax levy.

So, let me step back to watch the star Sirius.

Let me catch up with Israel’s regional and city planning.

And let me sit back to drink a glass of hot tea with sugar.

Trump proposes to betray an ally

A U.S. withdrawal of its troops from Syria constitutes a betrayal of Israel. Israel’s security depends on a robust American force against the Assad regime. Otherwise, the regime is liable to create mayhem for Israel.

As usual, President Trump did not consult experts when he announced a U.S. withdrawal. Judging by a reported reaction from Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu, no one in Israel’s establishment was consulted either.

What is likely to happen? Mr.Trump has made his point. Making an anti-establishment point is all that the President’s supporters expect. Now, the Pentagon and Congress will continue pretty much as if President Trump had not made his unilateral declaration.

The immigrant First Family

U.S. President Donald Trump has had two foreign born wives. Both were born in the Slavic region of Central Europe. The present First Lady is from the Slovenian region of the former Czechoslovakia. Mr. Trump’s first wife was also born in Czechoslovakia – in the Czech region.

President Trump has proposed that future immigrants to the U.S. be restricted to the most skilled people. So, I ask the question that others ask: what superior skills have his wives brought to the United States? Does the U.S. have a shortage of willowy, bosomy women?

According to Mr. Trump’s proposed standards, would his wives have qualified for anything but three-month tourist visas with round-trip tickets?

On the other hand, these two of his three wives have demonstrated the unique skill set of being married to Donald Trump, the not-yet president.

The Palestinian Authority – my bête noire for April

If I examine what the Palestinian Authority doesn’t do for its constituents, I get aggravated. The PA is my bête noire for April.

U.S. President Donald Trump was my bête noire for March by default. Since a few aggravating issues have come up in the beginning of April, I’m granting him an extension for about another week.

President Trump intends to levy tariffs against unfair trade partners

It seems that U.S. President Trump is invoking an arcane section of a 1974 U.S. law (as amended through February 2016) allowing him to actually levy tariffs.

Ordinary Americans — such as myself — look at the U.S. Constitution and see how Congress lays “Duties, Imposts …” and “regulate[s] Commerce with foreign Nations …” (Article I, Section 8)

However, it further seems that Congress delegated power to the president for reacting quickly to unfair trade practices. (By the way, the Congressional bill, Trade Act of 1974  [Public Law 93–618, as amended] runs 273 pages.)

Congress works slowly; the president can react swiftly.

Nevertheless, the law provides for public hearings before affected parties suffer unfavorable outcomes.

Without hearings, Mr. Trump has joined the ranks of previous imperial presidents such as Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln.

Perhaps President Trump could be my bête noire for March

I was looking to identify a source of annoyance for the month of March. President Donald Trump annoys me whenever I think about him. Of course, if I don’t think about him, he can’t annoy me. And even then, no one can annoy me. I own my emotions.

What’s happened is that I was researching U.S. policy concerning moving the Embassy to Jerusalem, the capital city of Israel, from Tel Aviv, the country’s most international city.
I took out a digital subscription to The Washington Post so that I could follow current events. No one tells me, though, to read anything that doesn’t pertain to the subject that I’m researching. However, President Trump surprised me by actually developing the project of moving the embassy and by placing this project into a time frame.

President Trump would join the ranks of pundit Bill Bennett and Professor Lorenzo Kamel.