I’m G.L.A.D.

Do you meditate? What’s the content of your meditating?

I came across a structure that is called G.L.A.D.

Grateful — What am I grateful for today?

Learn — What have I learned today?

Accomplishment — What have I accomplished?

Delight — What delight is there in my life today?

When meditating in the morning, I would think about the day before.

It’s a good time after meditating to sit back with a cup of hot tea with sugar.

Living with fear

By YUNO. Courtesy of social worker R. O.

Psychological Flexibility
    engaging in the present moment
    authoring valued patterns
    returning to valued patterns
    being flexible in perspectives
    holding stories lightly ~
    being open to experience

~ holding stories lightly – Taking the story of your life seriously, but holding it lightly. In other words, don’t be convinced that there will be nothing new in your life.

“When we tell our stories, it’s best to hold them lightly and leave room and space for change, growth, revision, and perspective. When we do this, we have affirmed who we are now and have not anchored ourselves to that point. We have left the reality-based option open so that our story can change as we change.” “Can you tell all your stories and not hold them too tightly? Can you let them grow, evolve, and in some cases, release them?”

from Headwaters at Origins

“We try to see the world as it is with equanimity instead of craving and fixation. Equanimity — the balance that is born of wisdom — reminds us that what is happening in front of us is not the end of the story, it is just what we can see. Instead of being frightened of change, with equanimity, we can see its benefits and put our daily existence in a broader context. The hope resides in the certainty of relief not in specific outcomes, like getting exactly what we want; the hope comes from the way things actually are in this universe: This too shall pass.”–

from Sharon Salzberg

“Eventually, we can start to realize thoughts are not facts, and we are not our thoughts …”

from “fran