An Elm Tree in Willcox, AZ

Willcox Elm Tree

This Dutch elm tree is reported to be the largest of its kind in Arizona (according to Willcox city manager “Ted” Soltis).

If it’s not the largest, it looks like it would be. It looks like it could be among the oldest. The city of Willcox, a stop on the Southern Pacific Railroad, was founded around 1880. The railway today – now the Union Pacific – passes through Willcox but does not stop anymore.

The original train depot, from 1881, is now a museum and the City Hall.


Photo by Nesanel Segal, 2018

A Mesquite Orchard

Have you ever seen an orchard of mesquite trees?

This scene was photographed at the Amerind Museum, Dragoon, Arizona, in February, during the winter. *

This scene was taken in February, during Arizona’s winter. *

You actually never saw such an orchard of mesquite tree. Instead, mesquite trees on their own create an order that looks like an orchard. Each tree secretes a substance that is poisonous to its own seeds. Seeds that land under or around the tree are poisoned and do not germinate. This condition is called allelopathy.

In addition, each tree spreads roots out under the entire canopy, and these roots suck up the water in the soil. An adjacent tree, needing its own supply of water, grows at a distance from all other trees. As a result, the layout of the trees looks like it was planted in rows by human hands.


* Photos by Nesanel Segal, 2018