Daddy, it’s important to play.

Spam that I recently received –

Daddу, you didn’t say what the best thing about G-d iѕ.
It’s importаnt to play, too.

Ah. Let me ponder this with a glass of hot tea with sugar …


I’ve postponed my bête noire appointments

This month was going to be dedicated to the Palestinian Authority — how they’ve done nothing helpful for their people.

U.S. President Donald Trump’s policies generally aggravate me (March into April).

On the other hand, pundit Bill Bennett (February) has cut back from being an apologist for President Trump. Listening to him has become less aggravating, sometimes even not aggravating at all.

Coverage by journalists tends to aggravate me. More of that in future months.

U.S. tax forms just aggravated me — the forms, not the tax levy.

So, let me step back to watch the star Sirius.

Let me catch up with Israel’s regional and city planning.

And let me sit back to drink at glass of hot tea with sugar.

Emptying pockets for airport security

I’ve found it hard to travel lightly. I carry change (in a change purse) for donating tsedaka before prayer,* a thumb drive memory stick backup of the essentials for my laptop, a cell phone, a card wallet (what’s in my card wallet?), my regular wallet, a pen, and tissues (perennial allergies).

My house key is in my carry-on backpack (knapsack, rucksack) if you’re wondering.

In another post, I may disclose what’s in my backpack.

My lap top computer doesn’t contain any data – that’s all on my flash memory drive. This drive is like the old briefcase.

Actually, I have two briefcases – my old clunky one with room in it for lunch and a slim, lightweight one with pockets and compartments. Sometimes, my backpack serves as a briefcase, such as in traveling.


* donating tsedaka before prayer – Prayer is more acceptable after setting aside some money for a poor person.

What’s in my wallet?


My wallet contains:

  • driver’s license,
  • auto insurance ID card,
  • a “Moshiach flag” pin – the flag of King Messiah,
  • cards for my internist and for my social worker, an older adult care manager,
  • student ID for the University of Missouri – Kansas City (UMKC),
  • a card for the pharmacy manager where I have prescriptions filled,
  • my Medicare ID Card (Lest you think that this is careless, I cut out my Social Security number.*),
  • a card for airport transportation and another for taxi service,
  • a partial list of kashruth symbols from the Chicago Rabbinical Council,
  • a supply of personal cards with my address, phone numbers, email address, and my web site address,
  • a spare key for a Club security device that I haven’t been using,
  • $46.

Note that there are no credit or debit cards in my wallet. I keep those separate from my address and telephone number to diminish the risk of identity theft.


* I cut out my Social Security number – Once I established a billing relationship with my internist, all referrals accept the oral recitation of my social security number.