To create again or not to

Mariela Castaneda, a spokesperson for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), explained the closure of a parcel of public land. The open desert area in Arizona had become a popular spot for illegal target shooting. Unfortunately, a stray bullet killed a pregnant woman in January 2018.

Castaneda said, “While the BLM understands the temporary closure will impact recreational opportunities in the … area, it is necessary for the safety of the recreating public and those conducting power line repair and fiber optic line burial.”

From the Scottsdale Republic, “Feds close BLM land after stray-bullet death,” Friday, February 23, 2018, section SR, Z8, pp. 16-17.


What we say can become ambiguous when it appears in writing.


Emptying pockets for airport security

I’ve found it hard to travel lightly. I carry change (in a change purse) for donating tsedaka before prayer,* a thumb drive memory stick backup of the essentials for my laptop, a cell phone, a card wallet (what’s in my card wallet?), my regular wallet, a pen, and tissues (perennial allergies).

My house key is in my carry-on backpack (knapsack, rucksack) if you’re wondering.

In another post, I may disclose what’s in my backpack.

My lap top computer doesn’t contain any data – that’s all on my flash memory drive. This drive is like the old briefcase.

Actually, I have two briefcases – my old clunky one with room in it for lunch and a slim, lightweight one with pockets and compartments. Sometimes, my backpack serves as a briefcase, such as in traveling.


* donating tsedaka before prayer – Prayer is more acceptable after setting aside some money for a poor person.

What’s in my wallet?


My wallet contains:

  • driver’s license,
  • auto insurance ID card,
  • a “Moshiach flag” pin – the flag of King Messiah,
  • cards for my internist and for my social worker, an older adult care manager,
  • student ID for the University of Missouri – Kansas City (UMKC),
  • a card for the pharmacy manager where I have prescriptions filled,
  • my Medicare ID Card (Lest you think that this is careless, I cut out my Social Security number.*),
  • a card for airport transportation and another for taxi service,
  • a partial list of kashruth symbols from the Chicago Rabbinical Council,
  • a supply of personal cards with my address, phone numbers, email address, and my web site address,
  • a spare key for a Club security device that I haven’t been using,
  • $46.

Note that there are no credit or debit cards in my wallet. I keep those separate from my address and telephone number to diminish the risk of identity theft.


* I cut out my Social Security number – Once I established a billing relationship with my internist, all referrals accept the oral recitation of my social security number.

An Elm Tree in Willcox, AZ

Willcox Elm Tree

This Dutch elm tree is reported to be the largest of its kind in Arizona (according to Willcox city manager “Ted” Soltis).

If it’s not the largest, it looks like it would be. It looks like it could be among the oldest. The city of Willcox, a stop on the Southern Pacific Railroad, was founded around 1880. The railway today – now called the Union Pacific – passes through Willcox but does not stop.

The original train depot, from 1881, is now a museum and the City Hall.


Photo by Nesanel Segal, 2018

The United States May Really Move Its Embassy to Jerusalem

A U.S. Department of State spokesperson announced on February 23rd, according to The Washington Post, that the United States will move its embassy to Jerusalem in May 2018.

You can view this article in The Washington Post, “National Security,” February 23rd, 2018.

Also, see the actual press statement from the U.S. State Department.

My earlier post expressed skepticism about a move of the embassy to Israel’s capital city.

Waiting to see …