New 50 pence coin to circulate in Britain

The lighting for my camera rendered the reverse of the coin with a yellow tone. It should be the color of nickle.

The Royal Mint of Britain is mandated by law to issue coins with the reigning monarch on the front (obverse) of every coin. Now that King Charles III was elevated to the throne, all coins will bear the likeness (effigy) that he authorized. Eventually, all coins of the UK will bear Charles III’s likeness.

In December 2022, the mint rolled out its new 50 pence coin. I bought one of these coins that is as good as they come — Brilliant Uncirculated (BU). In the U.S., a coin like this is called a “proof.”

The entire packaging of this 50 pence coin is a tribute to the late Queen, Elizabeth II. No mention is made of her son, Charles III.

I consider this 50 pence coin a collectors item even though 4.9 million were in circulation during December 2022. Orders for BU coins were taken until December 31, 2022. I received mine on February 6th. After a production “delay.” Still, I doubt that its BU issue will be rare, so it will likely never be valuable. Still, it’s a memento to a changing time.

With time, coins with the likeness Elizabeth II will be withdrawn from circulation, but they remain and will remain legal tender.

The 50 pence coin is in the center. The denominations are on the reverse.

These are the Brilliant Uncirculated definitive British coins that were in circulation during 2022. These will never be minted again. I wanted a memento of the historic passing of a reigning monarch with the fame and appeal of Queen Elizabeth II.

Again, this set is unlikely to be valuable. I’m certain that many like-minded individuals — both British and non-British like me — wanted a special commemoration of the Queen’s life at an affordable price.