The immigrant First Family

U.S. President Donald Trump has had two foreign born wives. Both were born in the Slavic region of Central Europe. The present First Lady is from the Slovenian region of the former Czechoslovakia. Mr. Trump’s first wife was also born in Czechoslovakia – in the Czech region.

President Trump has proposed that future immigrants to the U.S. be restricted to the most skilled people. So, I ask the question that others ask: what superior skills have his wives brought to the United States? Does the U.S. have a shortage of willowy, bosomy women?

According to Mr. Trump’s proposed standards, would his wives have qualified for anything but three-month tourist visas with round-trip tickets?

On the other hand, these two of his three wives have demonstrated the unique skill set of being married to Donald Trump, the not-yet president.


How both Presidents Jefferson and Lincoln came to be called “imperial presidents”

I’ll fill out this post when I find my college text book on the topic of the U.S. Constitution and the presidents.

The Stock Market lost 3% of its value …

… so your portfolio is three percent less than it was just a few days ago..

Not necessarily. If you own a representative sample of the Standard and Poor’s 500 stocks, then you probably lost around three percent of the value of your portfolio. If you had invested in one sector, you may have lost even more. If you had invested in another sector, you may have lost nothing, or your portfolio may have even grown in value.

Returning home from Phoenix

I’ve been visiting family in the Phoenix area – “The Valley,”
as the metropolitan area is called. I actually visited last November, too.

I have good reason to be thinking about the area, of course.

I was just listening to a radio voice (a podcast), and the person being interviewed praised President Trump for following through on his promise to roll back some of the regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency. Some politicians portray regulations, in this case forcing businesses to protect the environment by spending money that they’d rather not, as onerous burdens for doing business in the United States.

Some of the most onerous burdens during my adult life have concerned auto emissions. Regulations seem to have started in California. At times, Los Angeles was unlivable because of smog. Some of the smog probably originated from manufacturing plants. However, the bulk came from cars, and L.A. has been a car city.

The “onerous burdens” were born by the automobile industry, but what happened? The Los Angeles basin does not have smog. In the meantime, the L.A. metropolis has grown to immense size. Real estate values are so high that Americans who could have afforded to relocate a few years ago (let’s say retire) can’t do it today. All this came about because of governmental regulations that were tweaked over the years by both Republicans and Democrats.

Phoenix has grown immensely since I last visited eleven years ago. The metropolitan area is now home for about five million people, an increase of one half to three quarters of a million people since I visited eleven years ago. But, the air that settles in the valley is fine.

The radio host was Bill Bennett. He’s going to be my bête noire for February. Not that I dislike him, but I dislike his public policy preferences – his policy orientation.

While I look at ancestry, I laugh

I’m laughing about the present-day King of Jordan, Abdullah II. What claim does he have to rule full blooded Arabs when he is half British? His mother was Antoinette Avril Gardiner, born in a small village, Chelmondiston, in Suffolk, England.