“Scottsdale reveals flag design finalists; public can weigh in”

“Several months after an open call for design ideas, 10 finalists are in the running to be the city’s official flag.” *

Really? Would you like to be a city’s official flag?

* The lead sentence in the Scottsdale Republic. Friday, Feb. 9, 2018. Section Z8, page 15.

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Eats, shoots & leaves

This is the cover of Eats, Shoots & Leaves, a book by Lynne Truss, about laughable punctuation blunders. A panda “eats first, shoots a gun, and then leaves the scene.”
Eats, shoots & leaves

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A leader slug in the Scottsdale Republic *

“Drawing lessons
from the Holocaust”

If you’re looking to learn how to draw, will the Holocaust provide some lessons?

When we turn to page 8, we find that the article is about “A lesson in courage and morality from the Holocaust.”

* Scottsdale Republic. Weekend Feb. 10, 2018. Section SR, Z8, page 1.

President Trump finds infrastructure sexy

Nesanel Segal | Monday, February 12, 2018

President Trump announced today that he finds infrastructure “very, very sexy.”

“This editor” has read about the construction of America’s railways and roadways. Although interesting, he never found the subject “sexy.”

However, he reflected and came to understand the President’s mindset.

President Trump finds that women’s infrastructure is indeed sexy. We have known this, at the very least, from how he updated the female infrastructure in his life.

To the President’s relief, though, no act of Congress was needed for these updates. Furthermore, the infrastructure fixes didn’t cost him 200 billion dollars.

‘President Trump’, ‘Mr. Trump’ – not ‘Trump’

This is how I try to refer to the chief officer of the United States. How I write does not reflect the required usage of The New York Times, though. (Last time I looked, The policy of the Times was to refer to all people as Mr., Ms., Dr. So-and-So, for instance.)

I respect the office of the President of the United States, if only because of respect for the U.S. Constitution. I do not respect Mr. Trump as a person. His personality, activities, and philosophy are repulsive for me.

Virtually all the activities of his administration are “not in my name.” This phrase goes back to the time in my life of the Vietnam War. I and others were determinedly clear how that war was not being fought in our names. We completely disavowed that war.

I completely disavow the prominent policies of the Trump administration.

I am now ready to brew a cup of tea and to sit back to enjoy hot tea with sugar. I really need the tea.

Pundit Bill Bennett – my bête noire for February

I’ve liked Bill Bennett as a pundit since about 2005 when his program Morning in America , was being broadcast in Chicago over WIND 560 AM radio.

However, Bennett has abandoned the compassionate conservative agenda for the cruel features of President Trump’s agenda.

I regard Bennett as my bête noire in the sense of annoying me as a bugbear. In truth, I am bringing this annoyance upon myself. No one has told me that I must listen to his podcasts.

Let’s say that I listen to him so that you don’t have to. *

Bennett describes his podcasts with the catch phrase, “[Are you l]ooking for help translating [President] Trump? A podcast with an honest take on the current administration.” His podcasts present anything but an honest take.  He fails to point out how Mr. Trump is a bully. Bennett fails to point out how some of Mr. Trump’s policies are cruel.

One feature of Mr. Trump’s cruelty is to blame the victim. In one case of blame, the children of immigrants without papers have been in limbo ever since Congress created this human catastrophe.

We’ve heard the arguments for and against deporting these (mostly) young people. We’ve heard about deporting people to a country whose general culture and whose language specifically are foreign. These young folks are not being deported to Canada or Britain, for instance.

People with legal blemish get deported, not ordinary people. Such a policy of sending young people to a foreign country is cruel.

This brings up another feature of Bennett’s take on young immigrants.


* I listen to him so that you don’t have to – An expression coined by Chicago Sun-TImes columnist Neil Steinberg.