Rescuing an Agave

I found this Agave (ah GAH vay) tossed into some shrubs near my apartment. I’m planning to plant it in a pot, and I’m confident that it will grow there. It already has a fleshy root with rootlets. Even though they are desiccated, water will revive the plant.

This isn’t the first plant that I’ve rescued. More on this later.

Two Agave pups that have since died

These two Agaves were from bulbils that had been attached to the mother plant. Natural clones of plants such as these are called pups.

The bulbils of these two Agaves had fallen to the ground, and that’s where I found them. The mother plant has since been cut down. Any way that you look at it, this was a plant rescue.

Unfortunately, these two Agaves have died. I may not have given them enough water during the summer.